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Their WORLDS Were Separate.
All that changed when the Digidestined failed to stop the Exo-virus, and both Earth and the Digital World violently combined. Now humankind is dwindling, driven into hiding in the few cities left standing in the wake of the Digital Apocalypse. Those Digimon left untainted by the Exo-virus hide as well, some finding sanctuary with humans, others hating them as much as they do the infected.
There Is Still A CHANCE.
All worlds and universes are connected to the Digital World. Knowing this, the Crest of Knowledge has managed to open the gate connecting the merged world to Ours. Countless are ensnared by the pull of the Digital World, thrown into the safe stronghold of File City
They Need YOUR Help.
You were drawn there for a reason; you and the others are Digidestined. Together you can revive the Crests and reclaim this world from the Exo-virus.
FAILURE is not an option.
Not only is this world at stake, but YOURS. Once through with File City, the Exo-virus will move on to other universes, conquering and infecting all that it touches- and yours is on the list.

Can you rise to your destiny? Or will you fail like the Digidestined before you?

Fsst! Error-Error! is a Digimon based Panfandom RPG.
Digimon is owned by Bandai and Toei Animation, and is being used for entertainment purposes only.
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